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How to import Yamaha motorcycle

Thursday, 20-11-2014  

Before this experience I am going to tell you about I have never tried importing anything, but I am glad I have done it now, because I love my import Yamaha motorcycle. For the longest time I had been searching for a bike that would suit me completely. For many many months I had been looking at different brands and types of motorcycles. It took me this long to find the one I want and to turn to this website that specializes in importing yamaha motorcycles. That is how I got the import Yamaha motorcycle I have today. After searching on the internet for a long time and comparing brands, as well as shipping costs and companies that could make sure my import Yamaha motorcycle would actually get delivered to the right place, I finally came across a company that looked promising. Before I continue with this text I will mention the name of the company that helped my import Yamaha motorcycle to be imported. The company that made all my import Yamaha motorcycle dreams come true is called Double R Trading. I found them one day while looking at a lot of search results I had drummed up using Google. Double R Trading has a nice website that shows you all the information you need to know about importing and exporting and motorcycles. That’s how I came across a sentence that immediately struck a nerve with me. Of course I am talking about the phrase import Yamaha motorcycle. These are also the words I used in my online search for bikes that could be imported from one country to another. My search took a while and I was slightly starting to lose hope that I would ever find a company with acceptable rates, when I finally hit the jackpot–so to speak.

An import Yamaha motorcycle

So, by now I’m sure you already understand that I am talking about the phrase import Yamaha motorcycle, because I have mentioned it once or twice. In my search for the perfect bike I discovered that the one I wanted had to be imported. Luckily I finally came across the website belonging to a company located in the Netherlands, the one I also mentioned above, Double R Trading. I read on this website that they have required licenses and certificates to make sure the import Yamaha motorcycle can actually get shipped to different countries. I read about the bonded warehouse that is located on the company’s very own premises. That was a good sign that brought me hope. After further studying the website I learned more about what they do, what they sell and how they do and sell it. I discovered that they are located in the centre of the Netherlands, which is very convenient, of course. Other than that the company is not far from the cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam and that also makes for very convenient opportunities. They are experienced in importing as well as exporting. Other than the import Yamaha motorcycle I bought through this company, it is possible to find other motorcycles et cetera. To paint you a picture, I will give you a short overview of things you can find at Double R Trading:

  • Motorcycles
  • Quads
  • ATVs
  • OEM parts
  • Acc Shop
  • Outboard engines

And in case you have questions about anything, like I had in the beginning, you can also check out the FAQ or frequently asked questions page on the website. Of course it is also possible to contact the company’s helpdesk by visiting, calling or sending an email. My journey towards owning an import Yamaha motorcycle began online, but it didn’t end there. First I read the information on the site and after that I contacted the company with a few questions they answered to my satisfaction. After talking about the import Yamaha motorcycle we made a plan as to how to get me my import Yamaha motorcycle at my own location.

Double R Trading, the place to be

As far as the import Yamaha motorcycle is concerned I can safely say that Double R Trading is the place to be. At least it was for me. I am really quite pleased with the way my questions were answered and with the way everything else was handled. From start to finish it was a pleasant experience, as far as something as an import Yamaha motorcycle experience can be a pleasant one. I discovered that Double R Trading has a couple of delivery options when it comes to an import Yamaha motorcycle. I case you are wondering what they are, I will list them below.

An import Yamaha motorcycle can be delivered:

  • Per item
  • In small quantities
  • On what is called container basis

These options are sure to work in almost if not all situations. And because Double R Trading is based in a central part of the Netherlands near important cities it is not that difficult to get an import Yamaha motorcycle imported to the location that is most convenient to you. Of course this is my very own personal experience, but I can honestly say that I would tell my friends and family and acquaintances (and possibly even strangers) about this company. Everyone who is looking to buy motorcycles in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, or possibly even other countries, should check out this website, for here they are sure to succeed.

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