About 010

010 Publishers (Uitgeverij 010) has been active for more than twenty years. During those two decades, 010 has published over five hundred books on architecture and design. This specialization reflects the enthusiasm of 010’s founders, Hans Oldewarris and Peter de Winter, who trained as an architect and an urban designer respectively at Delft University of Technology. Besides numerous monographs by and about Dutch architects, 010 has published books on the most wide-ranging aspects of architecture, interior design, photography, industrial design, graphic design and the visual arts. These aspects include a keen interest in the theory and history of architecture and design.

010 first earned international acclaim in 1986 with the Guide to Modern Architecture in the Netherlands. This classic among Dutch architecture books (now into its seventh revised edition) brought 010 to the attention of a wide public and continues to fuel interest in Dutch modern architecture. With its array of extensive indexes, it is now an essential work of reference. This year, 010 will present the new Guide to Contemporary Architecture in the Netherlands. Containing over 300 entries and sticking to the familiar 010 guide format, this publication gives an overview of the most recent developments in Dutch architecture and urban design from the final decades of the 20th century to the present day.

It would be a tall order to treat all of 010’s publications individually at this point. There have been so many, in planning, landscape architecture, urbanism, architecture, interior design, industrial design, photography and graphic design. They vary from monographs and documentation of buildings to historical studies, collections of essays and dissertations. 010 would like to make an exception for Herman Hertzberger’s extraordinarily successful Lessons for Students in Architecture. It has now been translated into German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and Greek, making it a source of inspiration for countless students throughout the world. Just as successful are Rem Koolhaas’s influential S, M, L, XL, perhaps the most important late 20th century book on architecture, and MVRDV’s FARMAX, an international favourite among students.

The emphasis in 010’s catalogue is on top quality; the books are the product of a creative exchange between publisher, author and book designer. 010 has always regarded good, competent design as a sine qua non for all its books. Good ideas, good architecture and good architects and designers deserve well-designed publications. Many of 010’s books have been awarded prizes, particularly in the selection made yearly by the CPNB (Foundation for the Collective Promotion of the Dutch Book) for the Best Dutch Book Designs, but also internationally, for example by Stiftung Buchkunst in Leipzig in the category Best World Book Design. In 1994, 010 Publishers was the first overseas enterprise to be named ‘Publisher of the Year’ by the American Institute of Architects.

A large part of 010’s production is bilingual or published in English in order to reach beyond the borders of the Netherlands. For national as well as international distribution 010 boasts an extensive network of representatives in the Netherlands and worldwide. 010’s books are available in specialized bookshops from Canada to New Zealand, from South America to Korea. This specialization in the export of Dutch culture has brought numerous invitations and commissions to Dutch architects in an international context. Furthermore, a yearly bilingual catalogue keeps a large international public informed of the new additions. The international reputation 010 Publishers enjoys can be attributed to its small-scale organization, market-hugging strategy and focus on conveying culture and quality.